In 1999, my grandfather, Art Pope, sold most of his farm to the town of Middleton so it could be turned into a farm park (now a conservancy). My father, Mel Pope, worked with the town of Middleton to convert 105 acres from farmland into a beautiful conservancy that accomplishes the goals they set forth when planning its design:


1) To encourage all Town of Middleton residents, including those with special needs, to enjoy the tremendous variety of features offered by Pope Farm Conservancy.

2) To preserve and enhance the views, vistas, agriculture, natural vegetation, geology, and the history of the conservancy.

3) To provide educational opportunities for Town of Middleton students by providing lesson plans, field trips and interactive projects.

4) To balance agriculture, restored prairie, geology, history, and beautiful views and vistas to maximize interest and uniqueness in the conservancy.

5) To put in place a basic infrastructure that can be easily upgraded over time as increased demand requires.


There is a wealth of information at the Pope Farm Conservancy official website:


Though there is plenty of information, the conservancy is something that you need to experience. The next time you are in the Madison area make sure to stop by. It is a fantastic place to spend some time and I believe it has something for everyone. I couldn't be prouder of my family for making it a reality.



Pope Farm Conservancy Website


Location: 7440 W Old Sauk Rd, Verona, WI